Who doesn’t love a good dance party? At Stanhope State University, underclassmen have been cuttin’ a rug ever since your grandparents and great grandparents arrived on campus.

One of the more well-known staple shindigs of the weekend party scene was Polka Night over in Stratford.  With the popularity amongst the student body and a school administration who favors college credit for having fun, our Intramurals Department eventually added Co-ed Polka Dancing as an elective making it one of the hottest activities during every semester registration.

In fact, if you ever want to know how bad the weather is, check the campus bulletin boards. When Polka Dancing is postponed... you know it’s just better to stay put.   

As a tribute to this great tradition of the party culture at our fine institution of higher learning, Campus Book and Supply brings you the official “Co-ed Intramural Polka Dancing” shirt. Available in a super comfy soft heather gray, coral silk and white t-shirt.

So grab your partner, roll out the barrel and get the party started! You can snag this shirt online or you can also pick up these up at the Stanhope Locker and Jewell Market in February. Perfect for your dancing Valentine!

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