It's well documented that Stanhope State is a party school and there's no bigger shindig than St. Patricks Day!

And what's St. Pat's Day without green beer, right? Here's our quick and easy recipe that always delivers in a pinch.


- can or bottle of beer

- one "Almost World Famous" Stanhope State koozie


1.  Go to the Jewell Market and pick up a 6 pack or 12er of your favorite beer.

2. Take one beer and put your Stanhope State koozie on the said beer.

3. Open beer and enjoy. For best results, serve cold.

So there you have it, you have a green beer!

Did you know that when you make an order at the bookstore, you recieve a bonus Stanhope State koozie? Grab a new shirt to rock at the beer tent at your local pub (we have lots of options in green) and have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!